Please do not publish this page, nor its url.

How to implement:

1. Copy from this page the html-code that starts with "<APPLET" and ends with "</APPLET> onto your own page.

2. Upload your page, and e-mail its url to Peter Ritmeester at (, who will check and lift security after clearence from the syndicate.

3. Add a FAQ-page (we can provide you one), this will prevent many e-mails

4. For large Sunday grids scrollbars are used. You may want to create a second page with a larger version without scrollbars. To do so, copy the code from this page.

5. Done! Daily updating will be fully automated.

6. This is the new, extra safe signed version that runs in a sandbox. It may not run well on old Macs though. For these, a previous version is still available here:
(This old version does not run with the latest java)

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